Great Cars Are Like Our Favorite Movies

Great Cars Are Like Our Favorite Movies: They Stick To Us Until The End

Fond of cars and films alike? A Netflix enthusiast? Trip down memory lane, do you still remember the 1997 Chevrolet C-2500 Silverado Fleetside in the movie Kill Bill? Then surely you wouldn’t forget the iconic Chevrolet Impala of Dean Winchester in Supernatural. But it wouldn’t transform like a Chevy Camaro SS would in Transformers, would it? Bumblebee sure was a crowd favorite.

Like all grand things, great cars also meet their limits. Chevys for the matter can also turn from once a dear-darling ride to a car stuck in a garage for old age. With over a hundred years in history, Chevrolet has sold over 5 million vehicles worldwide and still continues to do so to date. Probably more than half of these are either already scrapped in car wrecking sites, or stayed lifeless in countless garages.

Just call car recycling Melbourne for removing and wrecking old scrap vehicles in Melbourne.


Owned an old Chevy, or know someone who does, that couldn’t be resuscitated? It maybe is due time to rethink your options and start getting something out of that old darling of yours. Perhaps cash for old scrap cars?

Car Wreckers Melbourne is an auto-dismantling-car-wrecking company that will give you a parallel amount of cash with your old car’s worth. Parts from the car will be salvaged and cleaned to be put up for sale while metals will be scrapped and sold to the metal industry. With lively and competent staff, you are rest assured in the best hands. For further inquiry, don’t hesitate to dial 03 9012 5958. It is safe to note that regardless of the condition of your Chevy, they are readily accepted in our company. So feel confident and take a step forward! Scrap car buyers have different collection centers around Melbourne where they collect cars.


Car enthusiasts like you may be second-guessing to have your car undergo auto dismantling, let alone wrecking in that matter. However, you may also be thinking of ways to make something out of a car that once held a sentimental feel to you or probably still does.  What better way than to have Car Wreckers Melbourne, the highest paying cash for cars company in Melbourne take care of your business? You will get your car’s worth and you can best invest it in a new one that will help you make dear memories in the future!


If you wish to invest in a new dear-darling Chevy, below is a list to choose from which are still available in the market to date:

  1. Spark (4th Generation)
  2. Sonic (2nd Generation)
  3. Bolt (1st Generation)
  4. Volt (2nd Generation)
  5. Cruze (2nd Generation)
  6. Malibu (9th Generation)
  7. Impala (10th Generation)
  8. SS (5th Generation)
  9. Caprice (6th Generation)
  10. Camaro (6th Generation)
  11. Corvette (7th Generation)
  12. City Express (1st Generation)
  13. Trax (1st Generation)
  14. Equinox (2nd Generation)
  15. Traverse (1st Generation)
  16. Tahoe Suburban (11th Generation)
  17. Colorado (2nd Generation)
  18. Silverado (3rd Generation)

I could go on with the list but better yet stroll around your area and scan the available and displayed Chevys that’s just waiting for you to take notice!

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