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The Dandenong car wrecking business has been doing great for a very long while and there are no hints of it backing off.  It is because of this that a great deal of exclusive organizations and corporations chose to participate, offering different car removal and car wrecking administrations in Melbourne.

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However, not every one of them have exactly the same quality of service. A few organizations offer free auto removals however, they would not give the auto proprietors cash in exchange. Consequently, truth be told, a few organizations really charge their customers exorbitantly high fees. We at  are different. All of our services are completely free. Moreover, we pay our customers cash right on the spot.


How much cash do we pay for old cars in Dandenong?

The price we offer will be contingent upon the state of your vehicle. At Car Wreckers Dandenong we are very much willing to pay our customers up to $10,000 in cash, some of the time we pay significantly more. Some of our past customers have utilized the cash that we pay to purchase another, completely working vehicle.

The methods that we employ reusing a vehicle is to a great degree confused as there are many parts to be reused and numerous unsafe materials to expel. Quickly, the procedure starts with approaching vehicles being stocked for parts. The haggles, battery and exhaust system are removed and reused.

Why we buy old and unwanted cars

Many Dandenong car wreckers organizations often get asked this question. Our customers are surprised when they find out that we offer free scrap car removals in Dandenong and any nearby areas.

Paying cash for old autos is a part of the car recycling industry. Companies dismantle old and broken autos for various parts or reusable metal. The exchanging of cash for cars has since transformed into an item trade industry the auto business to propel attempts on ensuring the safety of the environment.

After the dismantling is done, all parts that can still be repaired are sent to car mechanics who will then fix all issues until it has finally passed the standard tests and quality assurance stage.

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Free and hassle-free car removals

Our company offers services that are completely free. Our clients adore us for our reliable and environmentally friendly methods.

On the off chance that you are in need of a quick car wrecking service. All you have to do is call us at 03 8774 7178. You are entitled to get a free price quote that lets you know the estimation of your vehicle.

No responsibilities required. The greater part of our administrations won’t cost you anything by any means. Dandenong car wreckers will assure you that.

Once you get in touch with our agents, tell them about all the details regarding your car. Don’t forget to mention you car’s make, model, age, and state any issues that you think might affect its value. After that, our agent will give you a price quote which can reach up to $10,000.

If you agree, set a date and time for our staff to come and get your car removed. There is no need to worry because we will pay you on the spot! Call us today!

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