Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne

Cash From Your Old/Damaged Daihatsu Car

Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne

Daihatsu Motor has been one of the oldest in the automotive industry in the Japan and been making automobile that is known for its small cars and off-road vehicles. Daihatsu cars have developed models specially on compact which is known as the mini-vehicle for being affordable and excellent in fuel economy. Daihatsu Motor company have been a manufacturer closest to its consumers results into having a large amount of Daihatsu car owners. But there will be a point for those who owns Daihatsu cars will have to get rid of their old, rotten, scrap or damaged vehicle. Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne will give a solution to your issue concerning on how to properly dispose the junk vehicle at the same earn from it.

Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne will value your old or damaged vehicle like a brand new car. We give a door to door services for free and return you with the best price quote you can get from any other car wreckers.

Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne

Cash From Your Old/Damaged Daihatsu Car

Having a junk Daihatsu car in your place would consume your space in the backyard and messy area in your home. Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne will help you frees some place in your garage, have a cleaner looking house, and earn money instantly.

We are a car wrecker company in Melbourne having a team that is professional and licensed in removing, towing, and dismantling junk Daihatsu cars. For we believe that every Daihatsu cars are important especially with their parts and machinery used, and we aim to be friendly in environment by recycling and performing a proper disposal of the remains,

Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne’s hotline is 03 9012 5958. We, our team, will definitely knock on your door and perform the service that you wanted right away. Then we assure you on receiving the highest price quote you could get in all car wreckers in Melbourne.

Instant Cash Up To $8,999

Selling a Daihatsu car to us may be valued up to $8,999. Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne offers you a hassle-free processing and free services (no charges, no additional fees, and no deductions will be presented on your final receipt). As long as you are within the area of Melbourne or any nearby places, we can provide you our best assistance and service. There are no criteria to be followed in determining if your Daihatsu car will be acceptable, we will surely still buy your vehicle no matter how damaged, wrecked, or old it is. Read further for more information on availing our service.

Steps In Selling Junk Daihatsu Cars

Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne aims to give an easy and fast processing of every transaction made with the customer because we value your time and effort in making business with us. We have provided the following instructions on how to avail our service below for your assistance.

  1. Contact our hotline at 03 9012 5958. Our friendly agent will answer your call and assist you all throughout the process.
  2. Provide details of your Daihatsu car that you are selling. We may have to ask some information about your vehicle such as its model, age, and its problems and damages (physical and mechanical issues).
  3. Confirm the agreed quoted price. After answering the questions regarding with the details of your car, our latest computer software will be the one to generate and calculate our payment for you. Our agent will make sure that you had agreed with the given price in order for us to proceed.
  4. Set proper schedule. We will have to set the time and date that is convenient for you in order for us to pick up your Daihatsu car in your place.
  5. Wait for our team to arrive. Expect on the date agreed that our team will be at your door and perform the towing service immediately
  6. Once we have collected your car from your location, you will receive the said price on cash on the spot.

By following these steps properly will let you conduct a much easier and faster transaction with us. As easy as that, you will have instant cash out from your junk Daihatsu car.

Daihatsu Passenger Cars

All Daihatsu cars will be accepted by Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne without any hesitation. Below will be the mode of Daihatsu passenger cars that we buy.

  • Daihatsu Applause
  • Daihatsu Atrai
  • Daihatsu Bee
  • Daihatsu Ceria
  • Daihatsu Compagno
  • Daihatsu Consorte
  • Daihatsu Copen
  • Daihatsu Cuore
  • Daihatsu Domino
  • Daihatsu Esse
  • Daihatsu Max
  • Daihatsu Gran Max
  • Daihatsu Fellow (Max)
  • Daihatsu Luxio
  • Daihatsu Move
  • Daihatsu Naked
  • Daihatsu Opti
  • Daihatsu Rocky/ Feroza
  • Daihatsu Sigra
  • Daihatsu Sonica
  • Daihatsu Sportrak
  • Daihatsu Taft
  • Daihatsu Tanto
  • Daihatsu Taruna
  • Daihatsu Wake
  • Daihatsu YRV

Daihatsu Commercial

We also accepted any Daihatsu commercial cars. See below for the list.

  • Daihatsu Delta
  • Daihatsu Hi-line
  • Daihatsu Hijet
  • Daihatsu Midget II
  • Daihatsu New Line
  • Daihatsu V100& V200
  • Daihatsu Vesta

Daihatsu Three-wheeled Truck

The three-wheeled truck of Daihatsu can also be accepted in our car wreckers.

  • Daihatsu CM
  • Daihatsu CF
  • Daihatsu CO
  • Daihatsu PL
  • Daihatsu SCB
  • Daihatsu SKC
  • Daihatsu SDF
  • Daihatsu RKO
  • Daihatsu RKM
  • Daihatsu PM, PO
  • Daihatsu BO
  • Daihatsu Midget
  • Daihatsu V300

Daihatsu Racing Car

Racing car can be evaluated with special price quote if you are going to sell to Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne.

  • Daihatsu P3
  • Daihatsu P5

We, Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne, are here to buy and help you remove any Daihatsu cars, van, 4wd, trucks, and busses for towing and dismantling. We will perform a speedy response once you call our hotline, 03 9012 5958, and have a door to door service only for you. Gain money now from your junk Daihatsu car in Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne.

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