12 Sep

Car Maintenance Tips from Experts

Every car needs proper care and maintenance from its owner. With proper maintenance of car condition, engine, oil and other requirements; your car can serve you for a long duration.

But not all maintenance is required from the mechanics. We can also look after the basic maintenance of our vehicles.

  1. Engine Oil:

Most important, know your engine oil. You can use the manual, or it can be written on the cap of the engine where you put the oil. For old cars, oil is more important. You have to keep it clean and chose the best viscosity. One more thing to check is power steering fluid. It has to be red. Check the level of fluids and oil. Change it if required and make sure it’s clean.

  1. Outside & Inside Body:

If you want to keep your car shine and rust-free to maximum possible, you need to wax that thing. It’s good to wax the car four times a year or once a season. Your car paint needs to be flexible, and the wax keeps it better. If it’s not done correctly and it dries up, it gets crack and looks horrible. Similarly, make some arrangements to clean your car from inside. Wash the carpets and pads usually, or you can vacuum clean them. For the seats, if they are of leather, we recommend not to wash them with water. Use leather polish, soft cloth, and leather conditioner. Use recommended manual techniques for the doors and dashboard.

  1. Glass/Mirrors and Lights:

Another vital thing is mirrors and glass. Talking about headlights, they get dirty often, and foggy headlight covers can be dangerous at night. Clean the headlights not just from outside but from inside. Use hot water with sponge and detergent to clean them. The same is with fog lights and especially the backlights. Also regularly check the brake lights they are working properly. Keep an eye on indicator lights too.

Cleaning the car windshield, side mirrors, and door mirrors are also necessary. Using glass cleaner can do the job. Swipe the towel in circular motion and upside down to clean the whole parts.

  1. Tires and Brakes:

Having poor and old brakes and tires can contribute to serious injuries and accidents. A good rule of thumb is to check brake fluids and change them after every 25000 miles. Also, you should consider changing your brake pads after every 12000 miles. Check the brake pads and rotor on the wheel assembly too.

We usually forget that only contact of a car with the road is through tires. Tyres health is really important for a safe ride. A car tyre needs to be replaced if the tread depth decreases the recommended depth. (In wet conditions 1.44mm). Since the age of tyres shrinks with time, you should change the tyres after every ten years regardless of how many km driven.

Tyre pressure is a thing that keeps a steady control of the car. It’s essential to keep the tyre pressure according to manufacturer recommendations and keep checking weekly.

The Bottom Line:

These were a few advice that keeps your car running for a long time, last long and cheaper to maintain.

If you have an old car and looking for a sale out, what matters to you when you sell your car? Is it price and convenience?

Cars wreckers in Melbourne will offer you both competitive prices and convenient pickup of your car. For free quote or inquiry give us a call _________________.

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12 Sep

How to Avoid Car Dents – Here is the Complete Guide

It is annoying to come back to your car and see a new dent that wasn’t there before you parked the car. Knowing it’s not your mistake and you were handling the vehicle in the best way is the worst feeling. Car owners do every possible thing to save their cars from large accidents to small dents.

Getting even the smaller dent can make you stressed and will force you to go to car dent removal service. So in order to avoid expensive dent removal services all, you need to do is to improve your abilities. Car Wrecker Melbourne is working in the business of damaged cars from many years. We have seen all kinds of exteriors dents from small ones to the large. So we have decided to provide our readers with some tips that will help them to avoid the dents and scratches on their car’s body.

Here are the three tips that will reduce the possibility of dents and scratches on your cars. However, in a nutshell, you can only try your best.

Go for Indoor Parking:

Not all places have a basement or indoor parking areas; however, if you are visiting a place where you can take advantage of this service, go for it. Indoor parking will not only help avoid dents and scratches but will also protect your car in punitive weather conditions. Keep your car shiny and clean by saving them from unnecessary dents.

Furthermore, if avoiding the dent is your priority, don’t park the car to crowded areas. Always remember that the middle and last parking lane is better than the first one.

Parallel Parking:

Parallel parking is the best way to save your cars from scratches. Though it needs special skill and too much practice. If there is no car parked on your right or left, it is the best condition to go for parallel parking. Moreover, try to leave some space when you are parking car so that the left and right parking owners won’t put dent son your car while opening their doors.

 CAR GARAGE-The best way to Save your car:

For most of the time, your vehicle is parked in home and office. It is the smartest thing to protect your car by paring it in the garage. Many homes include garage facility, and one can also buy it in a nearby place of your office. By parking in the garage, you can protect your cars from not only dents but also the sun, careless bikers, cats and balls coming out of nowhere.

Following the above three tips will take more time of your and extra efforts as well. After parking your car to the safest places, you will notice that the unnecessary dents will be reduced. If you cannot spend extra time to save your vehicle from dents and scratches, you need to hire a dent removal services like car wreckers Melbourne or can sell your dented vehicles to us as we buy all kinds of used, wrecked car.

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24 Jul

Nissan Wreckers Rosebud

Sell Nissan car, van or truck in Rosebud today and get instant cash. So, how much cash for unwanted car in Rosebud? Just quickly have a chat with our expert and get free evaluation. We do pay cash on same day without any delay. Just book with us with our free car collection & pick up service and accept cash on spot.

Nissan Wreckers Rosebud

If you own an old and unwanted vehicle, then you should definitely contact an Rosebud Nissan wreckers organization to get a free price appraisal. At Nissan Wreckers Rosebud, you will be entitled to the following FREE services:

  • Free Nissan price quote — know the accurate value of your car
  • Top cash for vehicles — get the highest price offer for your old car
  • Free scrap car removals — no need to hire a car towing company. We will handle the car removals services for free.

Cash For Dismantling Nissan Cars in Rosebud

cash for wrecking Nissan in RosebudAs surprising as it sounds, selling scrap metal parts more often than not gives you more cash than offering it as a garbage vehicle that is totally rusted or broken past any conceivable repair. Rosebud Cash for Cars gives at any rate or up to $12,999 money for your broken or harmed auto. It is critical to take note of this as we, at Rosebud Car Wreckers, will enable you to upgrade your garbage in the most ideal path conceivable, with the most reasonable arrangement that is possible today.

Buying All Nissan for Wrecking in Rosebud

In case you’re reluctant about pitching your old and scrap auto to Nissan Wreckers Rosebud, don’t be. We purchase numerous types and models of old Nissan autos, paying little respect to their condition, age, and model. We have the correct abilities and apparatuses that enable us to rapidly and appropriately execute the Rosebud Nissan expulsions and Rosebud money for Nissan forms.

Why Rosebud Nissan for Selling Car

Finding a reliable and trustworthy Nissan auto salvage company used to be very hard as a lot of the businesses were simply looking for scrap metal parts, paying no heed to the model and quality of the used auto parts that they buy. This can lead to very unsatisfying price quotes and improper car dismantling processes.

With Nissan Wreckers Rosebud, you will find yourself in a trusted and experienced organization that strictly follows car wrecking & car dismantling state rules.

Also, you won’t find any other vehicle wrecking company that offers the same amount of cash for scrap Nissan vehicles. We are known for offering top cash for scrap Nissan cars, utes, vans, trucks, 4x4s, and more. Our long list of previous customers can attest to our claims.

Importance of Car Dismantling

Old broken, destroyed, and inadvertent Nissan vehicles can be extremely unsafe, particularly in the event that it has a great deal of uncovered parts such as the battery, the gas tank, and interior wiring. These vehicles can put yours and your family’s life in risk if not appropriately destroyed. Vehicles like old trucks, vans, and 4x4s can be a great deal more unsafe due to their enormous size. The dormant gas, brake oil, and other harmful liquids could be combustible and burst into flames at any time. This is the reason we prescribe everybody to appropriately dispose of their piece Nissan vehicles by pitching them to auto wreckers in Rosebud.

Contact Nissan Wreckers Rosebud

To get a free price quote and to know more about our services, kindly call our Rosebud car wreckers hotline at 03 8578 4693.

We are main competitors with other car wrecker companies in Melbourne. Check and click here to compare our prices with other wrecking companies.

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21 Jul

Nissan Wreckers Ringwood

Nissan wreckers Ringwood are local car removal & cash for car service that can give money for any wrecked, used, scrap or junk car. We offer wide range of services like car removals, cash for scrap cars, auto salvage and used car parts.

Nissan Wreckers Ringwood

Just give us call to see how much cash you can get for unwanted vehicle. You vehicle may be in wrecked, scrap, junk or broken condition. But don’t be panic, we have solution in terms of dismantling your car for used parts and before that we will give you cash for it.

Why Nissan Wreckers Ringwood are Best

Cash for Nissan RingwoodThat’s when we step in. We are Nissan Wreckers Ringwood and we buy all kinds of Nissan scrap cars, trucks, utes, 4x4s, vans, minivans, and more. Our customers will receive the best kind of cash for cars Ringwood services because we offer same day removals. What does that mean? Basically, it means that our customers can get their car removed on the same day as they made the call. Within several minutes to a few hours — depending on the day and your location — you can expect our Ringwood car removals team to be right at your doorstep on the same day.

Sell us your unwanted vehicle for recycling and wrecking and be entitled to our free Ringwood auto removals. On the off chance that you have any auto, van, ute, 4wd or truck and that is too old, overused, rusted, accidental, non-functional or unfit for repairs or maintenance, then call us to receive free car removals, free cash for cars, and and free price quotes with Nissan Wreckers Ringwood.

Best Way to Sell Unwanted Nissan in Ringwoo

At Ringwood Car Wreckers, we offer a pragmatic approach to dispose of your old and wrecked vehicle that is no longer worthy of repair. We are a reliable and skilled auto wreckers, auto evacuation, and auto disassembling organization in Ringwood!

Nowadays, there really is no need for anyone to spend days or even weeks in finding a reliable Nissan wrecking company — one that is willing to offer top cash for scrap vehicles. We are known to purchase a wide range of autos. Regardless of the possibility that it is totally unusable, we will gladly take it from your hands in. Despite the auto’s image, condition, age, make, or model, we will pay you top cash for scrap Nissan in Ringwood.

Why Wrecking Nissan Car For Parts

Nissan vehicles are known worldwide for its high-quality products and reasonable prices. The cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicle types that the company manufactures may not necessarily fit under the “luxury cars” category, but they certainly fall under the “highly useful” one.

However, after several years or even a decade or two, your beloved Nissan car will eventually fail to function properly. It could start off as an insignificant stalling until it reaches the point where the old vehicle simply would not start. You may be a very careful and meticulous car owner but all cars, trucks, utes, vans, and other vehicles are not invulnerable to damage. That’s when you will need the services of a car wrecking and/or car dismantling company.

Contact Nissan Dismantlers Ringwood for Quote

Selling old cars used to be very hard. Fortunately, the existence of Nissan Wreckers in Ringwood made things much, much easier. Contact us at 03 8578 4693 and sell your unwanted car to us. We will guarantee to you that you will love our free services.

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11 Jul

Nissan Wreckers Burwood

Are you living in Melbourne looking for a secure way to sell your old Nissan for top cash? Do you want to do it in a fast, easy, and hassle-free way? Then we at Nissan Wreckers Burwood are here to help you! With Nissan Wreckers Burwood, you no longer have to deal with piles upon piles of unnecessary paperwork. We will do all of those for you! All you need to do is contact us at 03 8578 4693 and you will get your free Burwood cash for Nissan cars service right away.

Nissan Wreckers Burwood

Why Choose Nissan Salvage Burwood

After more than 10 years of operating in the Melbourne car wreckers industry, we have amassed a huge client network that, in itself, vouch for our credibility and responsibility. We have handled numerous clients in the past and we have more than enough experience in wrecking Nissan cars from Burwood.

Nissan Wreckers Burwood is a licensed Melbourne car removal, car wrecking, and cash for cars organization that provides top cash for old and unwanted cars. We buy all Nissan models regardless of age, condition, and appearance. You do not have to worry if your old Nissan has a broken windshield, missing panel, or other mechanical and physical issues. Call us and we will gladly buy it from your hands.

Getting Cash for Used Nissan arond Burwood

Nissan Wreckers Burwood is known for its credibility and generosity. We know that our customers value their cars so much, and we know that selling them is not a very easy decision to make. Even if the car is no longer in running condition, some of our customers still had a hard time parting ways with their old Nissan. We want to make the process easier by offering top cash for Nissan cars. We will gladly beat our competitors’ offer and we can pay as much as $10,000 if needed.

We buy all used Nissan cars in Burwood

Regardless of its condition, you can easily sell us your old Nissan car, ute, 4×4, truck, and other Nissan models. Our Nissan Wreckers Burwood staff are highly knowledgeable when it comes to this specific car make, so you can rest assured that the price quote that we provide is as accurate as possible. We want our customers to feel satisfied and we want them to realize that we are the best Nissan wreckers in Burwood. We consider your satisfaction as our priority.

Our car wreckers business have been around for more than a decade. In such time, we have already gathered different Nissan car models.

Contact Nissan Wreckers Burwood today

Need top cash for your old car? Want to remove your car for cash in Melbourne? Then do not hesitate to contact us by calling or sending email and we will gladly entertain you right away. Getting money for damaged Nissan cars has never been this easy!

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06 Jul

Nissan Wreckers Vermont

We are scrap car dealers who mostly buy Nissan cars, vans, trucks for salvage and parts. We give cash on the spot for all broken, wrecked, junk and scrap vehicles. We are too fast in picking up vehicles from anywhere in Melbourne.

Nissan Wreckers Vermont

Cash For Nissan Vehicles in Vermont

If you no longer need your old vehicle, why not sell it for cash? There is no point in keeping a car that no longer does what it used to and storing it in your garage exposes you and your family to all kinds of health and safety hazards. Our cash for old cars service makes the process of separating with your beloved car much more easier. We are known for offering top cash for scrap Nissan and we can pay up to $10,000 if the car really is worth that much despite the damages and issues.

Free Nissan Car Collection around Vermont

Need to get rid of your broken Nissan but don’t want to spend money on expensive towing services? Then sell it to us and we’ll solve all your scrap car problems all at once. Not only will you be entitled to our Vermont free Nissan removals services, you will also get paid in cash on the spot for selling your scrap Nissan.

Why settle for lowballers when you can get top cash for Nissan removals in Vermont? No need to waste time. Call us today and get free assessment on your unwanted vehicle.

Choosing Nissan Salvage Vermont

All vehicles break down and they often do so when you least expect it. One morning, it may be running without a hitch and the next you’re stuck in the middle of a highway with a car that wouldn’t even start. Some cars that cease to function can still be taken to a mechanic for a few — or a lot — of repairs. Sadly, this isn’t possible for other old and damaged cars. Some cars cease to function because the engine itself has already succumbed to the effects of time or physical damage caused by vehicular accidents.

Getting a car fixed is not always the best course of action and neither is keeping it stored in your garage for a long time. Cars consists of several parts that can be reused and recycled. The steel fenders, for example, are some of the most commonly recycled car parts mainly because they are often made with high quality metal. Physical parts aren’t the only ones that can be recycled either. Did you know that motor oil is collected, cleaned, and recycled all of the time? Gallons of motor oil are recycled by car wreckers each year, which is an effective way to keep it away from landfills.

One of the most commonly recycled vehicles are ones made by Nissan. This is because Nissan is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world and their cars are mostly made with high quality components. We are Nissan Wreckers Vermont and we buy all kinds of scrap Nissan vehicles in the city. We carefully dismantle cars that we buy and inspect each component to see if it can be recycled or reused. All the remaining parts that are too damaged for reusable will be sent to our wrecking yard where it will be crushed, compacted, shredded, and sold to a recycling yard to be further processed.

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02 Jul

Nissan Wreckers Blackburn

Sell broken or unwanted Nissan for dismantling and get paid on the spot. With our Nissan auto salvage service, not only we offer cash for wrecked cars, but also do all necessary arrangement for free collection anywhere in Melbourne. Call our team and ask free quote on your any Nissan model.

Cash for Scrap Nissan Vehicles in Blackburn

The primary motivation for you to offer your unwanted Nissan is this: with Nissan Wreckers Blackburn, you can get up to $10,000 paid on the spot. We offer the most astounding value examination for your undesirable and harmed vehicle so you never again need to stress over not accepting the appropriate measure of cash in return for your Nissan. We will ensure you that you will get top cash for scrap Nissan cars.

Nissan Wreckers Blackburn

If you want to earn cash today, then let us buy the car that no longer serves its purpose. We are Nissan Wreckers Blackburn and we have been in the recycling and wrecking industry for more than 10 years. We are equipped with the tools and our team consists of skilled professionals. Call us today at 03 8578 4693.

Blackburn Free Nissan Car Removals Service

On the off chance that you need to offer your Nissan for cash yet don’t have any desire to pay a towing organization for their expensive service fees, you are on the right page! Our association offers free Nissan removals in Blackburn. On the off chance that your auto is too harmed to be driven, then this is the arrangement. No additional expenses will be charged and no reasonings will be made to the aggregate money that you will get. Our top cash for old vehicle removals in Melbourne service is totally free of charge.

Availing of our free Nissan removals service will really make a huge space in your property. Envision taking a gander at your carport, garage, or parking area that is already free of the unattractive old car that used to be there. It’s freeing, would it say it isn’t?

Reason For Dismantling Nissan with Us

Imagine yourself cruising along on a busy highway, investigate the surroundings and you’ll see a great deal of Nissan autos. This automaker is known and adored by a lot of auto proprietors due to its top notch segments that can ensure the sturdiness and life span of the car. Also, it is not to a great degree exorbitant so obtaining one is not that troublesome.

In any case, similar to all other autos, Nissan vehicles are still just as vulnerable to damage and corrosion. In the end, the vehicle will fail to function properly, the parts will be worn out, or — in an exceptionally grievous occasion — the auto could go through a vehicular accident. What used to be an exceedingly esteemed and utilized auto is currently deserted to deteriorate. In the event that you are the proprietor of a broken or harmed Nissan, would it be advisable for you to do likewise also?

Certainly, the answer is no. In the event that you’re already willing to let go of your car, then Nissan Wreckers Blackburn comes in. Our association purchases a wide range of Nissan autos for destroying. It doesn’t make a difference if your Nissan vehicle is harmed or not, in the event that it has an enrollment or not, or if is still in running condition or not. We will purchase the car from you.

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01 Jul

The all new BMW X3

Introducing the new BMW X3


The BMW X3 is one of the world’s largest selling SUVs and a third generation mid-sized SUV. The 2018 X3 is all about chassis architecture that will deliver rear and all wheel drive versions with 4 and 6 cylinders power in a package that is up to 55kgs lighter than the present car. It is much bigger than the model that used to be in the past. The overall footprint is 4761mm long and 1897mm wide. It is 1676mm high and 2864mm wheelbase that is longer than the previous version.

Aluminum rich architecture

Eschewing is an aluminum rich architecture that rides a metal mix that is stacked with very high strength steels, with lightest diesel models that weight around 1750kgs. It will launch with all the 3 all wheel versions including the 20d diesel, the much stronger 30d diesel and M40i that will soon follow up with an all wheel drive of xDrive 30i and a front wheel drive of sDrive 20i, which is known to be the lightest engines of all and X3 in range.


X3 windows and windscreens

Some of the major issues for the outgoing X3 include adoption of acoustic glass for windscreen to lower interior noise levels. The sound absorbing glass present is also probably optional for its front windows. The exterior portion has been designed by BMW’s Aussie designer Calvin Luk that consists of a LED head light and an LED tail light, with an automatic opening tailgate with bigger center console storage areas and accommodation for one-liter water bottle in the door pockets. Luk is also responsible for the facelift of Series 1.


Luggage capacity

The rear luggage capacity of the X3 has increased by 550liters in standard form or at least 1600liters with the back seat folded. It also has aluminum fastening rails along the cargo area and then 40:20:40 split folder rear seats that can be broken down by pushing just a button in the cargo area, thus removing the need to open the rear doors. The X3 model has a twin tailpipe with Louvre systems that opens and closes depending on the radiator’s need for cooling itself and helps pull its aerodynamic drag co-efficient down to 0.29Cd.

Extra smart features

There is a lot of electronic architecture in the 5 and 7 series models. Thus this helps in delivering a wide range of optional safety features and convenience gizmos that were not available before. It can be related to 7 series navigational pro system that brings in a 10.2 inch touch screen with gesture control, plus further options including three zone climatic control and ambient lightning.

It will also be able to connect everything with Microsoft office platforms to connect to smart phones or smart watches. The fuel level can be monitored with the help of Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice service. This feature will also help send real time images or video feeds from the car’s 360 degree surround view camera that goes directly to smart phones and laptops or even tablets.

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19 Jun

Nissan Wreckers Melton

We know how hard it is to sell your broken, junk, or wrecked car to private buyers. One is often required to pay for advertisement and other unnecessary fees. When selling your car to a certified Melton auto wrecker, you’re not only guaranteed fast service, you are also not required to pay for anything. At Nissan Wreckers, we offer free car removals in Melton. So if you live anywhere in the city, you can bet that we will go to your place on time. You can set the time and location, so you are in full control. Melton cash for car removals has never been this easy.

Our company offers the best car removals and cash for cars Melton services. After years of doing business, we developed our proprietary software that automates our car assessment process. This means that all you have to do is provide us with vital details regarding your car such as its age, condition, and the issues that it has. After that,  we’ll automatically give you a price quote for free.

We have our own tow trucks scattered around different suburbs in Melton, so you don’t have to wait for too long. We’ll be in your place within a few minutes to an  hour, depending on the accessibility of your location, the weather condition (strong storms and hurricanes can affect our travel time.)

Nissan automobiles are popular among new and pioneer car owners thanks to the brand’s reasonable price and high-quality build. It’s a Japanese brand that has been manufacturing automated vehicles in as far back as 1914. Being the sixteenth largest car maker in the world today, you will find their cars in almost all highways in Australia. As with all cars, however, the ones manufactured by Nissan isn’t invulnerable to the negative effects of time and physical damage.

If your beloved Nissan breaks or gets into a car accident, it’s always good to ask a mechanic to try and repair it. However, not even the best mechanic in the world can fix a car that is totally, completely broken. Sure, you may get some (or a lot) of replacement spare car parts, but is it really worth the cost and effort? If not, then the next, most practical thing to do is this: sell your junk car to Melton car wreckers. Why? Because when nobody has the interest in buying your unwanted vehicle, the Melton car wreckers are your only hope.

Nissan Wreckers Melton is an accredited and highly sought-after car wrecking and car removals Melton company. Our vehicle recycling methods strictly follow international standards. All vehicles that we buy are recycled, with little to no waste left. Other organizations may try to convince you to sell your scrap car for cash but most of them are merely bogus companies who only care about getting profit.

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03 Jun

BMW 430i 2017 Review


BMW 430i review

The 4 series is new edition of the BMW invention. The BMW 4 replaces the BMW 3 for the coupe, gran coupe, and the cabrio versions of the German’s luxury brand’s most famous model line. It is one of the best sporting models that are direct competitors of the BMW 4 series, from the mundane A4 sedan and wagons. This BMW is being tested which is a two door four seat coupe, that has replaced the earlier version of 428i and is powered through a new 185kw/350Nm 2.0liter four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that moves to an eight speed automatic and drives in rear wheels.

Pricing and specifications

It sits above the 420i and 420d turbo diesel but below the inline six cylinder turbo petrol 440i. The BMW 430i is priced at $79,900 and is just $2500 less than its predecessor. At that RRP, the BMW 430i is still a luxury car tax impost with a sub 6.0liter fuel consumption average does not deliver any discounted rates. Standard equipment’s includes suspension, bi-xenon headlights, head up display, satellite navigation, surround view and reversing cameras, airbags, and 19 inch alloy wheels.


This car promises advanced stuff

Then there are more advanced stuff including approach control warning, lane departure warning, lane change warning, pedestrian warning, a parking assistant and a city light braking function. There is web based weather through connected drive, Google and news. The only things that are missing are Apple Car Play and android auto as there are no spare tires as well since Bimmers roll on run flat tires. There are two trims available at no cost options including the M Sport and luxury line. If you are looking to spend some extra money, then BMW has a lot of extra money to invest in.

The list also consists of $3641 innovations package that includes cruise control and stop and go function. The 430i comes with standard condition based servicing that you will pay for in advance for five years or in 80,000km. There is also a three year unlimited km warranty and three years free roadside assistance.

Advantages and the disadvantages

The 430i coupe is one of the best looking BMW 4 series models with peeled back headlights, slim line kidney grille, and a falling roofline. But there is a disadvantage too, as the roof shape and the rear seat head room will be a challenging tall people. Continuing this form and functional theme, driving the BMW 430i falls between both. The engine probably has a good response but does not have emotion. The ride quality is decent in comfort mode until road conditions get harsh. The road noise on hard and rough surfaces could be an issue as well. the interiors are however pretty awesome. Compared to other car brands in the market, this one is more expensive. This coupe arrives in the month of July and will be available for sale

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