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Quality tested used Car Body parts in Melbourne

Are you tired of paying high prices for your car body parts? Car Wreckers Melbourne store different auto parts of all car makes and models and we provide nationwide delivery just for you!

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Our company has a generally long list of authentic parts that can be purchased at a cheaper price. Buying second-hand parts helps you up to 70% of your money in comparison to store-brought prices.

With our help, you can enjoy OEM parts that feature an excellent combination of high quality with low prices. We offer reasonable cash quote for any car, van, 4WDs, and trucks.

You can reach us through our Car Wreckers hotline at 03 9012 5958 or email us at for faster transactions.

We make finding the right car body parts easy.

Used Car Body Parts Dealer in Melbourne


Choose Quality Secondhand Body Parts in Melbourne

Before you shell out the dough for brand new parts, consider some of the benefits that can be gained by going with used auto parts instead.

  1. Cost

It’s no surprise that used body parts will cost you less than new, but you might be surprised by the price disparity. Although the price of used car body parts will vary based on factors like rarity, demand, condition, and dealer, you can be certain of finding parts for less than new, provided you’re not looking for uber-rare parts for collectible classic cars, just for example.

  1. Availability

It’s usually relatively easy to find used auto parts, especially for popular vehicles. They are most often taken from used cars of the same make and model that have been abandoned or scrapped due to age, accident, or other reasons.

  1. Outlets

There are a variety of ways to find the used auto body parts in Melbourne you’re looking for these days. You can certainly go old-school and dig for steals at junk yards if you know what you’re looking for, but you can also find used parts from reputable retailers that stock them and even at some auto repair shops. If all else fails, take to the internet.

  1. OEM Standards

This stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer standards. What does it mean? When new or after-market parts are manufactured, they may or may not be identical to the parts originally manufactured for use in your automobile. They may be produced by third parties instead of the original automaker.

In short, you don’t necessarily know that what you’re getting is right for your car. When you seek out used parts that were once on cars of your same make and model, you know they’re going to fit and function properly.

  1. Refurbishing

If you’re at all worried about the condition of used parts, look for those that have been refurbished for the purposes of resale. They may cost a little more, but they’ll still run you less than brand new and you’ll have some guarantee that they’re in usable condition.

Melbourne Body Parts Selection

Our selection of used parts is so diverse it makes us one of the most reliable used auto parts business in Melbourne area. To save our time and your money, look into our pick and pull parts program and dig around our junkyard to find some used auto parts.

Used Body Parts in Melbourne

To name, here are auto parts available in our car wreckers site in Melbourne: tyres, batteries, seat belts/ safety belts, seats, headlights, fog lights, indicator and tail lights, boots & bonnets, engines, gearboxes, doors, guards, diffs & axles, windscreens, bull bar, safety cage, spoiler, sun visor, glasses, side and rear view mirror, interiors, bumpers, flat deck, car stereos and CD player, mufflers, jack and tool kit, and shocks.

Used Car Parts in Melbourne

Get the best quota for your old, scrap car here at Car Wreckers Melbourne!

Our company specializes in dismantling over 1 000 vehicles, all makes and models as well as all types of auto parts. We cater car makes and models of Ford, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Chevrolets, Nissan, Honda, toyota, etc.

Used Van Parts in Melbourne

Car Wreckers Melbourne is a fully licensed and insured scrap metal recycler. We take in your old vans and scrap metal and pay you top dollar! We have experts who will see to your needs.

Used Truck Parts in Melbourne

Our team of professionals delivers top quality service in truck removal, truck dismantling, and truck wrecking backed with years of experience. We arrange for the removal, wrecking and paperwork in Melbourne.

We also offer cash for cars, auto glass replacement, auto glass repair, and many other services.

Contact Car Wreckers Melbourne Used Body Parts at 03 9012 5958 and ask about our current inventory of used car body parts in Melbourne.


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