How Often Should You Start an Old Car?

A car that is sitting in the garage for a long time will not work properly if you didn’t run it often. A stored car should move and drive very often for its better use. If you don’t need a car for your use and you stored it then you should start it at least once a week. It will useful for your vehicle because sitting so long and not starting it can be the reason for big losses.

Don’t let your car be in the garage for a long time because a car in running state can be in good condition. A car can be in the garage without running at least for one month without the battery dying. You should start your car once a week or once in two weeks. It depends on the car that why it is being stored and the preparation of how you have prepared it before storing it.

Some people say that if a car is in use but you don’t start it regularly then you should start it at least once a week. It will let the engine get up to full operating temperature and your car will remain in good condition. What is the process of starting an old car that you just start it and run it without any maintenance?

If the car is not able to be on the road then you should start it for some time so that oil circulates in the gearbox and differentials. In this way, the brakes will be in working condition.

But if you prepared a car for storing it for a long time then you can leave it for six months in the garage without starting it. You can also leave it for six months or longer in the garage. If your car is stored in one place then make sure you connected the battery with the conditioner to keep it in working condition.

While the car is stored in one place, then make sure you added a fuel stabilizer to the fuel in the tank. It will protect the car to get moisture. Tires should be checked for proper air pressure. So if the car is stored then don’t need to start it every week because you should prepare it first before its running.

If the car is in use but you don’t run it regularly then you should start it once every week. Because the air conditioner of a car needs to be used at least once in a couple of months. It will prevent it from drying up. While there is no need that you start heater in the same way as air conditioner. Especially, in the month of winter, everything needs to start because everything gets stuck in winter.

So be careful while in winter, it will not only save all the parts but your car will remain in good condition.

It is necessary to start a car every week because if a car is not in use then many parts such as belts, tires, rubber hoses, etc will stop working sooner. Then you need to replace all the parts one by one that is a disadvantage for you. If you are unable to start a car in the winter then turn off all the accessories such as heater and the radio and then turn on the engine over for 10 to 15 seconds.

But don’t keep it turning on for so long. If still, you are unable to start it then let the car for a few minutes and then try again. Keep in mind that if the battery is not fully charged then it can be the case of battery freezing in the winter.

So these all the reasons that why should you keep starting your car one in a week if you don’t regularly drive it. Especially don’t let your car without starting it in the season of winter because there are many chances that parts will not work properly. Similarly, if you are storing a car in winter and battery is connected then there are many chances of battery drain in a few days.

So it is up to you that how do you deal with your old car that you don’t drive regularly.

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