How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Car?

Do you buy a vehicle on your own with a monthly salary? Wow, that’s amazing. Yes, this is really amazing if you own a vehicle with your hard work. Obviously, you want to keep it perfect now. Because it is the source for your daily travelling. You totally depend on it while travelling one place to another. So, if you don’t keep it in good condition then it may be the case that it will not help you to cross miles and miles. It must be your first priority to maintain your car because if you don’t keep it well then there are many issues comes together. Then it can be the reason that your car will not be able to be on the road within a few years.

So be careful in maintaining your car because it can take a lot of money from your pocket. Repairing or fixing a car is much more expensive nowadays. Every part of a car either it is in use or it is new will be expensive for you. It is important to maintain a car every month. You will feel that your car has some issues every month and if you will not repair, it will increase and will cost you more.

What is Necessary to Maintain Your Car

First of all, you should know all about your vehicle. You should know about fuel consumption, your car battery time, oil change and many other things like that. Because in this way you can keep check and balance on your car. If your car needs to change the oil then you will know it well. Similarly, if your car needs to change battery water then it will be in your knowledge too. So, keep check and balance on all the issues car is facing while driving. Because if you don’t care about the issues your car have then it may cost you more. But if you know the issue on time then you can fix it by spending less money. For example, if you don’t know about the oil change timings then you would not know that you have to oil change timings. It can harm your car’s engine and you will get more loss than changing oil in the car.

Similarly, if you don’t know that when you need to change battery fluid then it may be the reason for any big fault in battery. And then there will be no option to change the battery. So, be careful about each and everything about your car.

When You Should Fix an Issue

Whenever your car is facing any issue then try to fix it as soon as possible. Because if you don’t handle it right away then it can become a big loss or more expensive to fix it. If your battery has an issue then try to fix it because you will have to change the battery if issue exists continuously. At the same place, if you have some scratches on the car paint then try to fix it otherwise it will damage the paint and it will not only look ugly but painting a car again is more expensive. So try to fix all the issues in the car on an immediate basis.

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Try to fix original parts if you need to replace any of them. Fixing an issue on immediate basis can save some money but letting it be can cost you more money from your pocket. So try to repair car parts and keep it well maintained.

Cost Your Car Need to Maintained

If you are earning $54,000 per month then it may be possible that you have to spend $800 on car repairs. This estimation is calculated by a company in US. Obviously, if you own a car then you definitely face issues in it that you need to repair.

At the same place, it also depends on you that how do you want to get your car looks. If you spend more money on it for making it looks wonderful then you will cost more. But if you don’t want to maintain it in some great looks then you simply need to repair or fix all those issues that a car contains during travelling.

How often should you change the engine oil?

All of the vehicle’s engines require oil for their functioning. Modern engines are manufactured to strict standards and hence needs oil that can to ensure long service life. Using low-quality oil can lead to destroying the warranty of your car.

Old car models required synthetic blends or purely synthetic, low viscosity, multi conversion & resource-conserving oil that minimize friction and maximize fuel’s economy to a greater extent.

Choosing the right oil is not that simple. For that, you have to go through many bad experiences. The proper oil for your car’s model and type must contain the “SAE” viscosity grade and meet performance standards.

The up mentioned requirements are listed in the owner’s manual. Thus, you need to strictly follow your owner’s manual in order to maintain your car in good condition.

The age of the vehicle matters a lot when we talk about changing engine oil. Because type oil and driving conditions vary. It’s normal to change the oil after 3000 miles of driving.

In this article, you will find each and every detail about the car’s engine oil. After reading this you will be thoroughly aware of all the details about the intervals of oil life both in older and newer cars.

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Older Cars Oil Change Interval:

Old cars oil change normally depends on mileage, which has 2 maintenance schedules;

  • One for the normal driving operation routine
  • Other for those used in severe services.

Some other category involves the following;

  • Short trips up to 5 miles or less.
  • Extremely hot or extremely cold climates.
  • Uninterrupted stop & go driving.
  • Carrying extremely heavy loads or dragging a trailer

Oil change intervals for newer cars:

Most new cars are loaded with an oil life monitoring system that automatically tells whenever a car needs an oil change. It notifies with an alert on the instrument’s panel.  Newer vehicles actually examine the car’s operating conditions to identify when the oil will start to corrupt.

Whenever the engine oil of the car is changed, the technicians reorganize the oil life monitoring system. However, you can even change the oil by yourself. You can also reset the engine oil monitoring system by following the instructions mentioned in the user’s manual.

Being less often in oil change on current engines makes it necessary to check the oil report on a monthly basis and refill as per requirement. Other engines might use less than a quarter of oil in changes, some will consume as much as a gallon every 600-700 miles. Maintaining oil levels nicely helps a lot in avoiding costly repairs of your car. After every 12 (twelve) months. One should go for an oil change because it will cause serious engine damage if not even changed by twelve months.

Oil viscosity:

It’s a scientific term used to explain the thickness of the oil. That isn’t right at all by the way. It actually measures of oil’s resistance to deformation at a given rate. Or in other words, we can elaborate on it as “resistance to the flow of fluid”. The automobile engineers have developed a scale to measure engine oils for protection during cold in the winter and at high temperatures in summer.

Synthetic or conventional oil:

Conventional oil is much use because it’s very affordable to condense and clean from a cylinder of crude oil. It’s cheap and it runs nicely.

Synthetic oil is newer in the market. But its already been long enough to draw “social security”. They are superior due to lack of “impurities” and a “molecular structure”. It results in more dependable and strong oil giving you better protection and better flow.


Car Maintenance Tips from Experts

Every car needs proper care and maintenance from its owner. With proper maintenance of car condition, engine, oil and other requirements; your car can serve you for a long duration.

But not all maintenance is required from the mechanics. We can also look after the basic maintenance of our vehicles.

  1. Engine Oil:

Most important, know your engine oil. You can use the manual, or it can be written on the cap of the engine where you put the oil. For old cars, oil is more important. You have to keep it clean and chose the best viscosity. One more thing to check is power steering fluid. It has to be red. Check the level of fluids and oil. Change it if required and make sure it’s clean.

  1. Outside & Inside Body:

If you want to keep your car shine and rust-free to maximum possible, you need to wax that thing. It’s good to wax the car four times a year or once a season. Your car paint needs to be flexible, and the wax keeps it better. If it’s not done correctly and it dries up, it gets crack and looks horrible. Similarly, make some arrangements to clean your car from inside. Wash the carpets and pads usually, or you can vacuum clean them. For the seats, if they are of leather, we recommend not to wash them with water. Use leather polish, soft cloth, and leather conditioner. Use recommended manual techniques for the doors and dashboard.

  1. Glass/Mirrors and Lights:

Another vital thing is mirrors and glass. Talking about headlights, they get dirty often, and foggy headlight covers can be dangerous at night. Clean the headlights not just from outside but from inside. Use hot water with sponge and detergent to clean them. The same is with fog lights and especially the backlights. Also regularly check the brake lights they are working properly. Keep an eye on indicator lights too.

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Cleaning the car windshield, side mirrors, and door mirrors are also necessary. Using glass cleaner can do the job. Swipe the towel in circular motion and upside down to clean the whole parts.

  1. Tires and Brakes:

Having poor and old brakes and tires can contribute to serious injuries and accidents. A good rule of thumb is to check brake fluids and change them after every 25000 miles. Also, you should consider changing your brake pads after every 12000 miles. Check the brake pads and rotor on the wheel assembly too.

We usually forget that only contact of a car with the road is through tires. Tyres health is really important for a safe ride. A car tyre needs to be replaced if the tread depth decreases the recommended depth. (In wet conditions 1.44mm). Since the age of tyres shrinks with time, you should change the tyres after every ten years regardless of how many km driven.

Tyre pressure is a thing that keeps a steady control of the car. It’s essential to keep the tyre pressure according to manufacturer recommendations and keep checking weekly.

The Bottom Line:

These were a few advice that keeps your car running for a long time, last long and cheaper to maintain.

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How to Avoid Car Dents - Here is the Complete Guide

How to Avoid Car Dents – Here is the Complete Guide

It is annoying to come back to your car and see a new dent that wasn’t there before you parked the car. Knowing it’s not your mistake and you were handling the vehicle in the best way is the worst feeling. Car owners do every possible thing to save their cars from large accidents to small dents.

Getting even the smaller dent can make you stressed and will force you to go to car dent removal service. So in order to avoid expensive dent removal services all, you need to do is to improve your abilities. Car Wrecker Melbourne is working in the business of damaged cars from many years. We have seen all kinds of exteriors dents from small ones to the large. So we have decided to provide our readers with some tips that will help them to avoid the dents and scratches on their car’s body.

Here are the three tips that will reduce the possibility of dents and scratches on your cars. However, in a nutshell, you can only try your best.

Go for Indoor Parking:

Not all places have a basement or indoor parking areas; however, if you are visiting a place where you can take advantage of this service, go for it. Indoor parking will not only help avoid dents and scratches but will also protect your car in punitive weather conditions. Keep your car shiny and clean by saving them from unnecessary dents.

Furthermore, if avoiding the dent is your priority, don’t park the car to crowded areas. Always remember that the middle and last parking lane is better than the first one.

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Parallel Parking:

Parallel parking is the best way to save your cars from scratches. Though it needs special skill and too much practice. If there is no car parked on your right or left, it is the best condition to go for parallel parking. Moreover, try to leave some space when you are parking car so that the left and right parking owners won’t put dent son your car while opening their doors.

 CAR GARAGE-The best way to Save your car:

For most of the time, your vehicle is parked in home and office. It is the smartest thing to protect your car by paring it in the garage. Many homes include garage facility, and one can also buy it in a nearby place of your office. By parking in the garage, you can protect your cars from not only dents but also the sun, careless bikers, cats and balls coming out of nowhere.

Following the above three tips will take more time of your and extra efforts as well. After parking your car to the safest places, you will notice that the unnecessary dents will be reduced. If you cannot spend extra time to save your vehicle from dents and scratches, you need to hire a dent removal services like car wreckers Melbourne or can sell your dented vehicles to us as we buy all kinds of used, wrecked car.

Great Cars Are Like Our Favorite Movies

Great Cars Are Like Our Favorite Movies: They Stick To Us Until The End

Fond of cars and films alike? A Netflix enthusiast? Trip down memory lane, do you still remember the 1997 Chevrolet C-2500 Silverado Fleetside in the movie Kill Bill? Then surely you wouldn’t forget the iconic Chevrolet Impala of Dean Winchester in Supernatural. But it wouldn’t transform like a Chevy Camaro SS would in Transformers, would it? Bumblebee sure was a crowd favorite.

Like all grand things, great cars also meet their limits. Chevys for the matter can also turn from once a dear-darling ride to a car stuck in a garage for old age. With over a hundred years in history, Chevrolet has sold over 5 million vehicles worldwide and still continues to do so to date. Probably more than half of these are either already scrapped in car wrecking sites, or stayed lifeless in countless garages.

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Car enthusiasts like you may be second-guessing to have your car undergo auto dismantling, let alone wrecking in that matter. However, you may also be thinking of ways to make something out of a car that once held a sentimental feel to you or probably still does.  What better way than to have Car Wreckers Melbourne, the highest paying cash for cars company in Melbourne take care of your business? You will get your car’s worth and you can best invest it in a new one that will help you make dear memories in the future!


If you wish to invest in a new dear-darling Chevy, below is a list to choose from which are still available in the market to date:

  1. Spark (4th Generation)
  2. Sonic (2nd Generation)
  3. Bolt (1st Generation)
  4. Volt (2nd Generation)
  5. Cruze (2nd Generation)
  6. Malibu (9th Generation)
  7. Impala (10th Generation)
  8. SS (5th Generation)
  9. Caprice (6th Generation)
  10. Camaro (6th Generation)
  11. Corvette (7th Generation)
  12. City Express (1st Generation)
  13. Trax (1st Generation)
  14. Equinox (2nd Generation)
  15. Traverse (1st Generation)
  16. Tahoe Suburban (11th Generation)
  17. Colorado (2nd Generation)
  18. Silverado (3rd Generation)

I could go on with the list but better yet stroll around your area and scan the available and displayed Chevys that’s just waiting for you to take notice!

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