Expert Tips On Selling Cars to Junk Yards

Selling Cars to Junk Yards

Following an unfortunate car accident that totally ruins your vehicle, it can be easy to think that the car has lost all its value. Who would want to buy a wrecked car, right? Luckily, you should know that your car is still a great source for reusable parts as well as scrap metal.

As a matter of fact, this is the thing that car wreckers Melbourne love to do: buy vehicles that have been totally ruined by accidents. They will spend hundreds or even a thousands of dollars for a single scrap vehicle. Here are some tips for you to follow in case your vehicle gets destroyed or becomes broken.

Prepare the Title of Ownership

Is it possible to sell your old car to Melbourne junk yards without titles? Perhaps yes. Still, it would be better to present such title as you may need to show proof that the vehicle truly belongs to you. This is the time when a title of ownership will prove to be useful. However, on the off chance that you no longer have it, an official purchase receipt will do. Have those things prepared. Hand it over to the car wreckers staff and they will take note of it.

Check the price offers

Awesome, you have completed the initial step: demonstrating that you are indeed the proprietor of the car you’re selling. Presently it’s a great opportunity to perceive how much cash scrap yards will give to your wallet in return for the auto. You might think “What amount would a junkyard pay for my car?” There is a scope of things will have to be considered by workers of the scrap yard. This includes you car’s age, condition, make, and model. Try to be as specific as possible when searching. For instance, if you own a Chrysler, search online for Chrysler wreckers Melbourne and toyota wreckers Melbourne look at the reviews of each company that pops up.

This is the reason you may jump at the chance to look at the other car wreckers in the area. Do your best to try and look for the highest price quote and not the lowest offer. This is the most important part that you should consider.


Have your car removed

This step will involve a towing vehicle or other similar car removal equipment that will transport your auto to the car wreckers junk yard. There are many organizations that will offer this service. The Melbourne car removal team will turn up at your home, stack your wrecked vehicle, and then take it to their respective yards for dismantling and wrecking. Some car wrecking companies will ask you to pay for such services, however at auto wrecking Melbourne, we offer an easy and free car removal service for all our customers.

Before signing anything, always be sure to ask if whether or not the company offers free car removal services.

Cash for your scrap car

This is perhaps the most awaited part of the process. It is when the car wreckers company pays you money for your old and junk vehicle. Once you’re paid, you can do whatever you want with the money. Save it in a bank, use it to buy some stuff, or add it to your “car savings” budget.

However, you should ask the company or the car removal staff if they will pay you on the spot or if they would deposit it to your bank account instead. Most car removals offer different payment methods, so there is no need to worry about it. Cash for used cars offer money for good and reasonable

The Complete List of Recyclable Car Spare Parts

Maintaining your vehicle up to roadworthy standards is an objective that can’t be accomplished without regular upkeep.

Recyclable Car Spare Parts

At the point when a car part succumbs to time and degeneration caused by the daily wear and tear, it must be supplanted. In view of this, autos bite through a considerable number of parts on a yearly premise. This may include tires, batteries etcetera. Be that as it may, there is no need to worry about the  steady loss of these parts, as they have been developed to be replaced. There are such a large number of techniques where you can purchase the used car parts on the internet. The availability of such parts is should be the main concern.

In view of this, it is the obligation of all car owners to regularly change them.

Here are 4 car parts that should be checked and replaced.

recyclable car spare parts

Metal parts

Autos contain a great deal of metal. What’s more, metal can be effortlessly reconstituted to create various products. Car wreckers Melbourne specialize in the removal of scrap metal from junk cars. You can offer your auto to a scrap yard with staff that will extricate the metal from the various components of the auto. This helps both nature and your bank account. What’s more, in a ton of cases, these organizations (also referred to as car dismantling organizations) will evacuate the auto completely free, taking all the anxiety and bother of finding and paying a different towing organization to carry out the car removal. Scrap metal can be reused in Melbourne’s northern and western rural areas. If you own a Citroen vehicle, for example, look for a reputable Citroen Wreckers Melbourne company that can reuse your car’s metal parts in exchange for cash.

Car oil

The most replaceable component of any vehicle is its oil. Three months is the recommended time allotment that you should use a car oil. If ever you are using a high-quality synthetic oil, then you might more usage time. Still, it will cost you a significant amount of money. Regardless of what type you’re using, there is no escaping the fact that your vehicle is bound to experience vast amounts of oil replacement in a single year. Old engine oil can be gathered and properly disposed for free. Most car wreckers collect the old oil safely to prevent the contamination of the soil. In order to get rid of your unwanted vehicle, probably used car buyers is best option for you.

Car oil filters

These parts need to be removed and replaced as well. Throwing the oil filters at some random location is an effective way to spread waste to the environment due to the toxins in the remaining oil that they hold. Whenever reused, the metal is salvaged along with the oil. They can be taken to auto wreckers that are near you.

Car Tires

This is another part of a vehicle that is highly reusable. Tires are loaded with superbly manufactured elastic that can be transformed into different things that are additionally made of rubber. Old tires can be used for several things. For instance, ground up elastic gets used to make manufactured grass. Shabby and utilized tires can be exchanged for a fair amount of money.

Just call to scrap cars for cash companies to remove your junk car from your property. They will give you instant cash with free towing in Melbourne. If you have any commercial vehicle like truck van or bus, then cash for trucks will suit your requirement in selling of your unwanted truck.

The Best Melbourne Hyundai Dismantler

The Best Melbourne Hyundai Dismantler

Are you the owner of an old, broken, or unwanted Hyundai vehicle? Are you trying to find ways to sell it for a good amount of cash? Then our car wreckers Melbourne team will make the task a lot less challenging for you. As Melbourne’s best car wreckers company – we are quick to purchase the most valuable Korean brand Hyundai, regardless of what model you have. We have a lot of offices across the region and we assure you that our staff are dependable, responsive and the most experienced Hyundai Wreckers Melbourne professionals.

Selling an unwanted Hyundai car, 4×4, Ute, or other vehicle type is easy if you do it with us. All you need to do is call our hotline at 03 9012 5958. What’s better is that you will receive the amount of cash on the spot. For the vehicle assessment, you can come to us or we can come to your location, your choice. We will remove the vehicle from your property ASAP. You can receive up to $15000 of cash for scrap Hyundai SUV’s and trucks. Of course, the price offer relies on upon the age and the state of the vehicle. Our Melbourne Cash For Wrecking Car service is best in Melbourne for giving instant money for recycling your car.

Hyundai Dismantler Melbourne

We purchase all Hyundai Vehicles

If you’re looking for expert Hyundai Wreckers Melbourne organizations, then your search is over. We pay best cash for all Hyundai vehicles. Moreover, we  offer free Hyundai Removal services for people living in Melbourne. You don’t have to stress over the vehicle’s condition, since we purchase all vehicles. This incorporates garbage, rusted, scrap, crashed, and broken autos. NO WOF or COF required!

We purchase all scrap Hyundai models including the following:

  • Santa Fe
  • Hyundai Sonata
  • i20
  • Matrix
  • Grandeur,
  • Coupe
  • iload
  • Tucson
  • i10
  • Amica, i30
  • Excel
  • Accent

If you don’t find your car model here, don’t worry! We will still buy it, just give us a call. If you have any unwanted car then you can get instant cash for used car within hours after contacting our wrecking team

Aside from Hyundai removal, disassembly, wrecking, and reusing, we also offer old and used car parts at very low costs. The majority of our restored vehicle parts are of high quality. We offer a warranty for all customers who buy spare parts from us. You can purchase Hyundai parts and we assure you that you won’t have any regrets. Give us a call today! Sell your Hyundai cars for cash or buy spare Hyundai parts at affordable prices.

Reasons to Call A Car Removal Company

Reasons to Call A Car Removal Company

One of the most wasteful things that a car owner can do is keep an old, broken, or unwanted vehicle for reasons unknown. All the scrap vehicles ought to be disposed of in a proper manner. Car removals and car wrecking step in at this point. By reaching out to these organizations, disposing of scrap vehicles will be easier and safer. Al lot of car buyers can purchase and remove your vehicle without asking too much questions.

The measure of things you need to do will be few as the car removal procedure is simple.You will receive money as soon as it is done, and the car that you used for many years will be carefully removed and dismantled. We will not waste your car, in fact, all recyclable parts that we find will be completely reused. It doesn’t make a difference wherever in Melbourne you live in, our car wreckers company will go anywhere within Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, including the eastern and western rural areas.

Car wreckers Melbourne will be very happy to take the car from your property and into our Melbourne junk yard. It doesn’t make a difference what condition the vehicle is in. The accompanying rundown below contains the top reasons for you to select us to purchase your old set of wheels.

car removal company in Melbourne

Your garage space will once again be yours

Wherever your old, scrap, or non-functional car is stored, it’s mostly likely occupying important space. On the off chance that it’s developing rust in your yard, garage, or driveway, it’s taking up a lot of your property that could be utilized in some way or another. Getting cash for used cars is not an imaginary thinking anymore because many companies will come to your home for giving help in removing your used car from your garage.

Get instant cash

Car wreckers do business by offering cash for scrap cars, and that is the reason they are so enthusiastic about getting your old vehicle. Businesses like these are willing to purchase all makes and models of cars. So for example, you own a Daihatsu car, simply search for a Daihatsu Wreckers Melbourne company and you’re good to go. They will be the ones to visit your home with all the important printed materials for you to read. Really all have to put in is sign the paper after you’ve read the contract. No excess paperwork whatsoever. Before you even know it, there is a bundle of cold, hard cash in your hands and one less vehicle littering up your property. This will, for the most part, happen within the same day that you call them. They additionally offer free auto removal  anyplace in Melbourne.

No burden on your part

In the event that you choose to discard the vehicle without asking the help of car wreckers, you will face a lot of difficulties. You can avoid such experience by reaching out to Melbourne car removal organizations like Car Wreckers Melbourne. They will take your old, unwanted vehicle, and manage it themselves. The wonderful thing is that you have no compelling reason to try and go out, you can simply kick back and let these folks do all the truly difficult work for you.

You’re helping the environment

Auto wrecking organizations take old vehicles, expel every one of the parts that can be exchanged, and reuse everything else in a clean and safe manner. This is the natural way. Harmful chemicals that exist in auto batteries, simply enduring to get and pollute the earth will be impeded. And all because of you, settling on the right choice. So do it today!

Get Cash for Your Old Audi Car in Melbourne

Expert Audi car removals in Melbourne

On the off chance that you are residing somewhere in Melbourne or a prompt Victoria and are wanting to dispose of your old, utilized, broken, incidental or undesirable Audi vehicle, then depend on us and give you the top trade for autos Services out the locale. We are an independent venture that represents considerable authority in evacuating a wide range of autos, trucks, utes, SUV’s, 4×4’s, and more vehicle types.

After several years in the car wrecking industry, we have handled lots of car makes. Audi is one of them. There are many scrap car for cash companies, and they can give reasonable money for your old junk or smash Audi car in Melbourne

We purchase all models of Audi autos

Audi is the among the largest car maker in the world and is a top-selling German car brand. We at car wreckers Melbourne want to purchase all broken and unwanted Audi models. Currently, we have the following Audi models in our Melbourne junk yard:

  • Audi A4
  • Audi 90
  • Audi Coupe GT
  • Audi Sport quattro
  • Audi 80
  • Audi A5
  • Audi Q5
  • Audi TT 2.0 TDI quattro
  • Audi A6

If you don’t see your Audi model in the list above, don’t worry! Our cash for trucks team are still willing to buy them.


Free Audi car removal for Melbourne residents

Our free Audi removal service is completely free for those who are living in Melbourne or any rural areas in VIC. Be that as it may, please give your exact location with our car wreckers team since few postponements can happen for some of the more provincial areas. If you live anywhere in central Melbourne, then you can expect to get your scrap Audi car removed on the same day. In order to get rid of used Audi car for cash, you will need to contact used car buyers in Melbourne.

Cheap Audi spare parts in Melbourne

Searching for an affordable way to swap your Audi car parts at the best cost? Find them in  Melbourne’s biggest Audi Auto Parts warehouse from Car Wreckers Melbourne. Here, you can purchase the vehicle parts with full with no issues or hidden damages. We offer the cheapest car spare parts in the area. You can get cheap Audi and other car parts from many other auto wrecking companies located in different suburbs in Melbourne.

Contact us today

By selling your car to legitimate car wrecking companies, you’re not only receiving cash for old cars, you are also helping the Melbourne environment by reducing the toxic waste materials that old cars contain. There are many car dismantlers where you can sell car for recycling and salvage.

Get in touch with our team by calling  03 9012 5958 today!

Where to Get Cash for Old Toyota Cars

Cash for Old Toyota Cars

Much the same as the other car reusing methods, it is our consolidated duty to perform the proper removal and dismantling the autos so we can do our own part in sparing the quality of our environment from degradation. Look at the best Toyota wreckers Melbourne organization in the event that you are living anyplace within the service area.

There’s no such thing as a “garbage” Toyota vehicle

We purchase a wide range of Toyota vehicles, regardless of whether the vehicle is already considered as “garbage”, or if they’re ruined, rusted, or completely harmed in the car crash or fire. We are more than happy to remove wrecked, broken, undesirable, scrap or no-longer-used autos. Our company will pay you the top amount of money for your old, garbage, destroyed, and unwanted Toyota autos.

Toyota wreckers melbourne

We buy all models of Toyota autos

Our team at car wreckers Melbourne have years of experience in handling this specific car make. Being one of the most popular brand, it’s not really difficult to find people who are in need of a free Toyota dismantling, car removal, and car wrecking service in Melbourne. We decided to take care of that by offering them our cash for car removal services, and our clients simply loved it!

Currently, we have the following models in our Melbourne junkyard:

  • Platz,
  • Sera
  • Stout,
  • Picnic,
  • Corona,
  • Supra,
  • Sports 800,
  • Aurion,
  • Voltz,
  • EXiV,
  • Tiara, Vista,
  • Yaris,
  • Classic,
  • Fortuner,
  • Super,
  • Avensis,
  • 2000GT,
  • Chaser,
  • Brevis,
  • Celica,
  • Previa,
  • Yaris,
  • Rav4, 86,
  • Aristo,
  • Hiace,
  • Carina,
  • Starlet,
  • Caldina,
  • Verossa,
  • progress,
  • Hilux,
  • Previa,
  • Tazz,
  • Toyota Highlander,
  • Corsa,
  • Pronard,
  • Revo, Tercel,
  • Verso,
  • Land Cruiser,
  • Prius,
  • Publica,
  • Space Cruiser,
  • Regius,
  • Camry,
  • Scepter,
  • Briska,
  • Allex,
  • Corolla,
  • Altezza,

Free Toyota car removal in Melbourne

If you don’t know where to find the best Toyota car wreckers in Melbourne, then  you’re in luck because we are here to serve you. If you live anywhere within Melbourne, Victoria or the nearby suburbs, we could totally help you out! You can sell you scrap car which is Toyota to many companies and get free removal on same day.

We don’t only buy, we also sell!

If your Toyota is missing some parts but is still pretty usable, you ought to purchase them through the second hand Toyota recycling and parts that we sell. Check out our large warehouse full of old but high quality used Toyota Truck and auto parts. Stay in contact with our team of car dismantling professionals for an updated list of Toyota spare parts for more points of interest.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling us at 03 9012 5958.

How to Avail of Free Car Removal in Melbourne

There comes a time when your car reaches the end of its vehicle lifecycle. What do you do? It’s no longer running, and you can’t resell it to a car buyer. Do you just store it in your garage and let it rot away? Or perhaps you want to get rid of your scrap car quickly.

Avail of Free Car Removal in Melbourne

You may delay this for reasons like “not having enough time” or “no money for ads”. If so, then you’ll be glad to hear about car wreckers Melbourne’s fast and free car removal services. Our team will go to your location and get rid of your old car, absolutely free of charge! Not only that, but we also offer our old car removals for cash services to anyone living in Melbourne.

It’s easy to get top cash for scrap cars if you know where to look. If you live anywhere within the Melbourne, then you are entitled to avail of our free car wreckers services.

free car removal

Free Auto Removal in 5 Easy Steps

  1. The first step that you should do is to call us at 03 9012 5958. Wait for our professional agent to take the call.
  2. Tell them all the details about your vehicle. This includes the car’s age, model, make, condition, mileage. If you own major car makes like Mazda, Holden, Honda, Subaru, toyota, Suzuki, and Nissan, you will get top cash for your car. We specialize in our Chrysler wreckers Melbourne industry, as well.
  3. After providing the car’s details, our car removal expert will give you an instant and free quote for your car.
  4. If you accept the price quote, tell them about your location and the team will come to you. They will assess your vehicle, which includes inspecting its:
  • Model
  • Age
  • Make
  • Maintenance history (please present the maintenance receipts, if you still have them)
  • Damages/Issues that it may have
  1. Our team will then pick up your car for free. You will get paid with cash on the spot, no questions asked.

We love seeing the relief on the faces of our clients when they are finally able to get rid of their scrap cars easily. If you’re in the situation where you’re having trouble finding someone who is willing to buy an old, broken, or scrap car, know that Car Wreckers Melbourne is here to serve you. If you’re in the region, don’t hesitate to contact us and avail of our free services. Auto wrecking services are now everywhere, you can call dismantlers and they will give you cash for unwanted car.


Car Wreckers Melbourne
Factory 5 No. 226 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong South
03 9012 5958

Why Wreck Your Old 4×4

I know many people who are absolutely in love with their 4×4. Living in rural areas, a 4×4 is simply more practical. This is why I understand why so many car owners have a hard time letting go of their vehicle once it’s already reached the end of its lifecycle.

Here are the reasons why you should wreck your old 4×4 with our company.

When the time comes to get rid of your 4×4, you will want to call a reliable car removal company that will offer you a decent amount of cash for cars. To anyone living in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs, you should consider calling Car Wreckers Melbourne.

Being one of the best company that offers free 4×4 car wrecker, we have had numerous clients that we have satisfied thanks to our top cash for 4×4 offers. Free auto removal companies don’t always offer fair cash, so make sure that you only deal with experienced companies like us.

4x4 wreckers melbourne

1. To help the environment

Our expert car wreckers are known for having the same goal at heart, to reduce the garbage in Melbourne and to satisfy our clients while doing it. We want to keep the environment clean and green, because of that, we only use eco-friendly car disposal methods. All toxic fluids and substances are removed and eliminated properly. Selling of old car is not possible within hours after your call.

2. Dismantling old 4×4

Our 4×4 dismantling process involves taking all the reusable and recyclable parts of your vehicle to be cleaned, fixed, and resold to use car parts Melbourne. If you own junk or broken 4×4 cars,  the last thing you want to do is to wreck everything, because that would be such a waste. We encourage you to get rid of scrap vehicles by letting scrap yards dismantle it first before letting car wreckers do their jobs.

3. Save money on repairs

Accidents often happen, and no matter how tough your 4×4 may be it is still prone to irreparable damage. If your mechanic is no longer capable of fixing it, heed their advice and simply sell it for dismantling and wrecking. Looking for other mechanics will only cost you a lot of cash, and there is no guarantee that they will get it completely fixed.

The best approach would be to find the best 4×4 wreckers in Melbourne that buys accidental, damaged, broken vehicles. Make use of their free and easy cash for 4×4 services.

4. Get top cash for old 4×4 cars

At car wreckers, you can avail of our free 4×4 removal in Melbourne. However, aside from that, you are also guaranteed to receive cash for your old car! Our car wrecking services can pay you thousands of dollars depending on the condition, make, model, and age of your car. It doesn’t matter whether you own old models like toyota Tacoma or a Chevrolet 1/2T, or newer model like Mazda CX-5 or a Honda CR-V; we will take them and give you cash for unwanted 4x4s. Also, Melbourne car wrecker are the best company in the entire country for commercial or non-commercial vehicle. Call for wrecking or dismantling services and Click Here to see our website.

We have started wrecking old Japanese vehicle with our toyota car wreckers services so you can call us to get rid of your vehicle.

If you need help looking for a way to get rid of your scrap, broken, or junk 4×4’s in Melbourne, call us at 03 9012 5958 and allow us to serve you.


Car Wreckers Melbourne
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03 9012 5958

Get Top Cash for Salvage Cars

Salvage cars, otherwise known as junkers, are old and unused vehicles that are usually broken and rusted. These cars are usually left outside or in a dark garage, collecting rust and cobwebs while it withers away.

We at Car Wreckers Melbourne know how difficult it is get rid of old cars. Still, the best move is to just let them go in exchange for cash. By letting us remove your junker, you are also helping the environment of Melbourne by lessening the garbage caused by scrapped cars.

If you own any vehicle regardless of type, model, and age, we will be willing to buy it. We are best in Nissan wrecking and Mitsubishi car recycling services.

Turning Salvage Cars Into Cash

We will not charge you for the car removal process that we offer. However, this does not mean that your salvage car doesn’t have any monetary value. In fact, you can even get hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars for your junk car, the value will be determined by our Melbourne car wrecker and car removal experts.

With us, you will get an accurate price quote for free. This ensures that you get top cash for your junk car, no commitments required. We accept all car makes including BMW, Citroen, Nissan, Hyundai, toyota, and more.

Cash for Salvage Cars

Social Responsibility

By selling old car to Car Wreckers Melbourne, you are helping the community of Melbourne by:

  • Supporting the local car removal, dismantling, and wrecking industry.
  • Allowing related businesses to open
  • Helping others save money by purchasing used car parts from your vehicle

Helping the Melbourne Environment

One of the main goals of the car removal industry is to save the environment by reducing the amount of garbage from unwanted cars. We always tell children to recycle papers, plastic cups, and the like. But are we adults contributing? By selling your salvage cars to the best Peugeot wreckers Melbourne companies, you are setting a good example for kids. Contact us to get rid of your Melbourne scrap car today.

So sell your salvage cars and get cash on the spot. You may call us at 03 9012 5958.


Car Wreckers Melbourne
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Why Should I Choose Car Wreckers Melbourne?

So you’re looking for a car removal in Melbourne and stumbled upon our page. Now you ask, “Why should I choose Car Wreckers Melbourne?”

What sets us apart is our reliable free car removal and car wrecking services. Our staff are vehicle experts that are constantly looking for ways to keep our customers satisfied. Our reliable, professional, and trustworthy services are available to all citizens in Melbourne.

Right now, you can find thousands of so-called “Melbourne free car removal” or “Melbourne free car wreckers” that claim to pay top cash for scrap cars. However, most of these companies will only give you a mediocre price quote. Some of these “companies” may only be junkyards looking for old cars, with no idea how to dispose of a car in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Below are the main reasons why Car Wreckers Melbourne should be your first choice when looking for ways to get rid of your old car for free.

Top cash for cars

We can beat our competitors’ offers, hands down. We offer the highest amount of cash for your unwanted car, so you do not have to worry about not getting the fair price. If ever any of our competitor offers a higher amount, just tell us and we will definitely offer you a higher price quote.

We buy all vehicles

Dealing with all vehicles is our passion. car wreckers Melbourne buys all cars, no matter what age, type, and make. If you have old toyota, Hyundai, BMW, Citroen, KIA, or any other car make that you want to get rid of, we are here to serve you. We are the most reliable Mitsubishi wreckers Melbourne company in the entire region.

buy all type of cars

We use the latest technology

You may be wondering how our car experts determine the price of your car. Aside from our highly skilled staff, we also use the latest technology that allows us to find the highest appraisal within the area.

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction

Our main mission is to help Melbourne’s environment while giving incentives to people who sell their cars to us. By allowing us to take your old car, you are decreasing the amount of garbage in Melbourne. This is because we fix, recycle, and reuse most spare parts that we find.

Our customers can rest assured that they will be receiving the promised amount of cash on the spot. This is a great way to earn money without expending much effort.

To know more about our company and our free cash for cars services, get in touch with our expert car wreckers today! You can call us at 03 9012 5958 or you may send your message at We deal with all car makes, no matter what condition it may be in. So don’t hesitate to contact the best car wreckers today.


Car Wreckers Melbourne
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