The all new BMW X3

Introducing the new BMW X3


The BMW X3 is one of the world’s largest selling SUVs and a third generation mid-sized SUV. The 2018 X3 is all about chassis architecture that will deliver rear and all wheel drive versions with 4 and 6 cylinders power in a package that is up to 55kgs lighter than the present car. It is much bigger than the model that used to be in the past. The overall footprint is 4761mm long and 1897mm wide. It is 1676mm high and 2864mm wheelbase that is longer than the previous version.

Aluminum rich architecture

Eschewing is an aluminum rich architecture that rides a metal mix that is stacked with very high strength steels, with lightest diesel models that weight around 1750kgs. It will launch with all the 3 all wheel versions including the 20d diesel, the much stronger 30d diesel and M40i that will soon follow up with an all wheel drive of xDrive 30i and a front wheel drive of sDrive 20i, which is known to be the lightest engines of all and X3 in range.


X3 windows and windscreens

Some of the major issues for the outgoing X3 include adoption of acoustic glass for windscreen to lower interior noise levels. The sound absorbing glass present is also probably optional for its front windows. The exterior portion has been designed by BMW’s Aussie designer Calvin Luk that consists of a LED head light and an LED tail light, with an automatic opening tailgate with bigger center console storage areas and accommodation for one-liter water bottle in the door pockets. Luk is also responsible for the facelift of Series 1.


Luggage capacity

The rear luggage capacity of the X3 has increased by 550liters in standard form or at least 1600liters with the back seat folded. It also has aluminum fastening rails along the cargo area and then 40:20:40 split folder rear seats that can be broken down by pushing just a button in the cargo area, thus removing the need to open the rear doors. The X3 model has a twin tailpipe with Louvre systems that opens and closes depending on the radiator’s need for cooling itself and helps pull its aerodynamic drag co-efficient down to 0.29Cd.

Extra smart features

There is a lot of electronic architecture in the 5 and 7 series models. Thus this helps in delivering a wide range of optional safety features and convenience gizmos that were not available before. It can be related to 7 series navigational pro system that brings in a 10.2 inch touch screen with gesture control, plus further options including three zone climatic control and ambient lightning.

It will also be able to connect everything with Microsoft office platforms to connect to smart phones or smart watches. The fuel level can be monitored with the help of Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice service. This feature will also help send real time images or video feeds from the car’s 360 degree surround view camera that goes directly to smart phones and laptops or even tablets.

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