The all new BMW X3

Introducing the new BMW X3


The BMW X3 is one of the world’s largest selling SUVs and a third generation mid-sized SUV. The 2018 X3 is all about chassis architecture that will deliver rear and all wheel drive versions with 4 and 6 cylinders power in a package that is up to 55kgs lighter than the present car. It is much bigger than the model that used to be in the past. The overall footprint is 4761mm long and 1897mm wide. It is 1676mm high and 2864mm wheelbase that is longer than the previous version.

Aluminum rich architecture

Eschewing is an aluminum rich architecture that rides a metal mix that is stacked with very high strength steels, with lightest diesel models that weight around 1750kgs. It will launch with all the 3 all wheel versions including the 20d diesel, the much stronger 30d diesel and M40i that will soon follow up with an all wheel drive of xDrive 30i and a front wheel drive of sDrive 20i, which is known to be the lightest engines of all and X3 in range.


X3 windows and windscreens

Some of the major issues for the outgoing X3 include adoption of acoustic glass for windscreen to lower interior noise levels. The sound absorbing glass present is also probably optional for its front windows. The exterior portion has been designed by BMW’s Aussie designer Calvin Luk that consists of a LED head light and an LED tail light, with an automatic opening tailgate with bigger center console storage areas and accommodation for one-liter water bottle in the door pockets. Luk is also responsible for the facelift of Series 1.


Luggage capacity

The rear luggage capacity of the X3 has increased by 550liters in standard form or at least 1600liters with the back seat folded. It also has aluminum fastening rails along the cargo area and then 40:20:40 split folder rear seats that can be broken down by pushing just a button in the cargo area, thus removing the need to open the rear doors. The X3 model has a twin tailpipe with Louvre systems that opens and closes depending on the radiator’s need for cooling itself and helps pull its aerodynamic drag co-efficient down to 0.29Cd.

Extra smart features

There is a lot of electronic architecture in the 5 and 7 series models. Thus this helps in delivering a wide range of optional safety features and convenience gizmos that were not available before. It can be related to 7 series navigational pro system that brings in a 10.2 inch touch screen with gesture control, plus further options including three zone climatic control and ambient lightning.

It will also be able to connect everything with Microsoft office platforms to connect to smart phones or smart watches. The fuel level can be monitored with the help of Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice service. This feature will also help send real time images or video feeds from the car’s 360 degree surround view camera that goes directly to smart phones and laptops or even tablets.

BMW 430i 2017 Review


BMW 430i review

The 4 series is new edition of the BMW invention. The BMW 4 replaces the BMW 3 for the coupe, gran coupe, and the cabrio versions of the German’s luxury brand’s most famous model line. It is one of the best sporting models that are direct competitors of the BMW 4 series, from the mundane A4 sedan and wagons. This BMW is being tested which is a two door four seat coupe, that has replaced the earlier version of 428i and is powered through a new 185kw/350Nm 2.0liter four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that moves to an eight speed automatic and drives in rear wheels.

Pricing and specifications

It sits above the 420i and 420d turbo diesel but below the inline six cylinder turbo petrol 440i. The BMW 430i is priced at $79,900 and is just $2500 less than its predecessor. At that RRP, the BMW 430i is still a luxury car tax impost with a sub 6.0liter fuel consumption average does not deliver any discounted rates. Standard equipment’s includes suspension, bi-xenon headlights, head up display, satellite navigation, surround view and reversing cameras, airbags, and 19 inch alloy wheels.


This car promises advanced stuff

Then there are more advanced stuff including approach control warning, lane departure warning, lane change warning, pedestrian warning, a parking assistant and a city light braking function. There is web based weather through connected drive, Google and news. The only things that are missing are Apple Car Play and android auto as there are no spare tires as well since Bimmers roll on run flat tires. There are two trims available at no cost options including the M Sport and luxury line. If you are looking to spend some extra money, then BMW has a lot of extra money to invest in.

The list also consists of $3641 innovations package that includes cruise control and stop and go function. The 430i comes with standard condition based servicing that you will pay for in advance for five years or in 80,000km. There is also a three year unlimited km warranty and three years free roadside assistance.

Advantages and the disadvantages

The 430i coupe is one of the best looking BMW 4 series models with peeled back headlights, slim line kidney grille, and a falling roofline. But there is a disadvantage too, as the roof shape and the rear seat head room will be a challenging tall people. Continuing this form and functional theme, driving the BMW 430i falls between both. The engine probably has a good response but does not have emotion. The ride quality is decent in comfort mode until road conditions get harsh. The road noise on hard and rough surfaces could be an issue as well. the interiors are however pretty awesome. Compared to other car brands in the market, this one is more expensive. This coupe arrives in the month of July and will be available for sale

Common Types of Collisions

3 Types of Collisions

Every damaged vehicle has its own accident that has caused them to be destroyed to the point that it is already beyond repair. Car Wreckers Melbourne has a lot of vehicles with various causes of damage. Some were simply too old that most of the engine is already stained. But most of the cars we have are wrecked to the point that it can no longer run after encountering an auto accident. Below are common types of vehicle collisions.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are when two vehicles, such as Subaru Car and toyota Truck,  smash directly towards each other. The common cause of head-on collision is when the vehicle attempts to overtake by driving on the other lane, having no awareness of the other vehicle staying in the lane. And sometimes, malfunctioning of the steering wheel may cause the vehicle to run on to the opposite side of the road. These happen mostly on a curve road which we call “blind curve.” Head-on collisions are one of the poorest outcomes due to having an impact where the driver usually is.

Single-Vehicle Collisions

Single-vehicle collisions are when a single vehicle perform collision without any other vehicle involved. The common cause of single-vehicle collision is very similar with the head-on collision, malfunctioning, and loss-control of the steering wheel makes the vehicle to stray towards the wall or the center aisle of the road. And sometimes, loss of focus, sleepiness or carelessness by the driver may cause the single-vehicle collision. This happens on any kind of road, may it be along-straight road or curve road. Single-vehicle collision depends on the impact of the collision to determine the damages.
In order to sell your damaged car, cash for car is best places which also called scrap car buyers.

Intersection Collisions

Intersection collisions are when vehicles involve in head-on impact or side impacts. This collision is one of the most common to happen in our everyday life. The common cause of intersection collision is when the vehicles speed is the same with each other or overestimating of the speed. This results to meeting in the intersection. Usually, happens in the urban and rural road basically on traffic intersections. Intersection collision has a slight impact in the urban area, however, there is a great chance in the rural area to have a greater impact due to a higher speed.
These collisions stated above is under the road traffic type collisions. All of these collisions results into auto wrecking the vehicles and may lead to beyond repair condition. And may come into your mind on how to deal with your wrecked vehicle or what to do in order to clean the mess. We in Car Wreckers Melbourne may help you with your problem. Car Wreckers Melbourne have towing service in order for your convenience. As well as our hassle free services to make you at ease in dealing with our process. All of these for free and will guarantee you the best appraisal value that any Melbourne Car Wrecker company could offer. Call Car Wreckers Melbourne now and let us assist you with your junk, wrecked, or damaged vehicles.
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